Day 2: Misunderstood

Read: Start by reading John 1:5 out loud a few times. 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5 NIV).

Meditate: Why is it that darkness does not overcome or understand the light?

As a Christian woman, you can think of the very presence of Jesus as a light shining in you. Imagine His light shining through you in this hurting world that does not understand the light. Read John 1:5 again with that thought in mind.

Have you ever been in a place so dark you could feel it—a place so dark you could not see your hand if you put it in front of your eyes? Many in our hurting world experience this darkness and don’t understand that there is a light that can bring them hope.

We are bearing that light shining in darkness!  

  • Stop and ask God to fill you with His light.
  • Praise God for His marvelous light of salvation.
  • Ask Him to shine His light on any sin that you need to confess.
  • Listen for His voice.

 Notice: Think about your community. What are some social problems that may be keeping your community from understanding the hope we find in Jesus? Choose one of these problems for which you feel a burden and pray that God will be glorified and will overcome the problem with His light. (Say the problem out loud.) 

Throughout the day, ask God to give you eyes to see where people in your community need the hope of Jesus. Consider prayer as work today, and pray for God to work in your community.

When we share about the love of Jesus, we may be misunderstood. Yet we are reminded that Jesus was also misunderstood. John 15:18 (NIV) says, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

Pray: Before each meal today, pray about the social problem God has put on your heart.