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Welcome CWLC Advocates

CWLC Advocates, here's some updated information for you! 

We now have an instagram account. Join us at 

 We have two more participants getting ready to finish their 9 courses! I'll update you on who they are after they finish!

Would you help me answer a question, "How can CWLC help develop leaders in churches that don't have WMU organizations?" Would you like to join our Zoom call?

Join us in the Alma Hunt Museum!

  • As you may know, we have moved into our new office space in the Alma Hunt Museum. Last night we had our first museum event in conjunctions with WMU Foundation's She Leads campaign. We had a relaxing evening of Bible journaling.
  • We can facilitate group training for your group of women. You may even like to plan it around one of our luncheons so that your group may also attend the luncheon with our business women in Birmingham.
  • Let me know how we can help facilitate in-house training for you and your group?

Please continue to pray as we collaborate to lead this next generation of women and our nation back to God!

As you have ideas to share with us, please send them to Claudia at

 Please help us promote our courses here.

 MARCH COURSES begin March 5 – Join other Christian women who will be taking these courses in March.

  • Women Leaders from the Past
  • Leading with Integrity
  • A Sense of Call to Leadership

Thank you so much for sharing posts from CWLC's Facebook page. We love including your comments from the courses on the page and in our promotions!

Several of you will be completing your final courses to receive your certificates. We are excited to add you to our list of course completers.

  • Diane Adams from Alabama
  • Kathleen Morris from Arkansas
  • Kim Widner from Arkansas
  • Claudean Boatman from Colorado
  • Anna Guy from Florida
  • Jennifer McKnight from Florida
  • Marian Evans from Georgia
  • Nancy Wall from Georgia
  • Mary Fullhart from Indiana
  • Cathy Terrell from Kentucky
  • Mary Callahan from Mississippi
  • Pat Thorn from Mississippi
  • Valerie Rumfelt from Mississippi
  • Donna Trusty from Texas
  • Denise Edwards from Virginia

Thank you for partnering with us!


Claudia Johnson

Christian Women's Leadership Center